Tuesday, November 20, 2007

playing DJ

well... yes, Friday night my boyfriend is one of the DJs :)) I'm very enthusiastic about this event, as I know he waited for some time to be able to bring his music outside private parties. I expect to pass us thought all stages of electronic beats from down tempo, for the warmers, to break beat for the downers (with their syndrome :)

here is the poster of the event. all rights reserved to Laura :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

step by shoe...

How often have you found yourself wearing the same model of shoes as at least a few other fashion victims? Maybe that’s when you feel you need to do something to get you out of the ordinary and help you get rid of the “mass production” tag. This is what we do these days...fight against “the standard, the ordinary and the humdrum”. Your steps can be guided by shoes brimming with ideas.

You can see bellow some of the pairs included in our first project - unfortunately they are all sold out. That doesn't mean we don't need your opinion or suggestion on these ones... :D

See here our gallery on Flu.ro

For more work, just visit our on line case


Bored of your oldies?
What we can also do for you is to bring out the good in your old shoes :) So, if you have some 'retro' shoes hidden in your closet, don't be afraid to bring them to us. Be sure we'll do our best to make them look fabulous again.

All you have to do is to drop us a few lines at krystynana@gmail.com or at waybeyondtoday@gmail.com.