Friday, August 10, 2007

About being perfect

Noboby is perfect. And yet we are looking for perfection. This desire follows us every day, it’s part of ourselves. We like to think we’ll find it eventually… We are exhausting, wrinkles appears, we are increasing our years and decreasing our height, but nevertheless we are not giving up, we keep going to find perfection…

We look around us and we judge. We are judging ourselves and we always come up to the conclusion that no one deserves the supreme statute of being perfect. But we mind the essential. We cannot judge anybody, for that we all make mistakes, and life puts us many times in front of facts telling us how far from perfection we are. We all make mistakes, more or less. And that helps us knowing ourselves better, and yes, getting even closer to people. Look around and you'll hear us talking how mean is Violet’s boss, how unfaithful Aurel is, how the house painter missed the color, how that blond business woman didn’t give enough tip, how fake is Andreea Marin, how grandma lives the present only through memories. How about you? I am sure you are at least as less perfect as I am. Why am I saying that? Because I know you cannot be perfect. I even don’t want you to be because otherwise I won’t won't feel good near you, as I'd be vulnerable and I wouldn’t find the comfort talking while having a glass of wine. I wouldn’t feet in your life. Could it be possible that the ones who think they are perfect isolate from society out of fear of being misunderstood? Where are they hiding? I wish to find them and yell at their faces they are as less perfect in their perfection as everybody else. Most probable I will never find them or perhaps they are everywhere around me wearing the mask of the less perfect ones thinking to themselves this is the way of finding perfection. Does this mean I should be the one to refugeate in her own world of less perfection human beings letting lived by it? Yet I won’t do that, I will go out there and I will make a fool of myself, I will swear and I will get drunk and I will show you how great it is to be less perfect. I will go to the linguists and I will ask them what is the meaning of the term more than perfect? We build words, even more we talk words. I would say just leave the facts do the talking of how far from perfect we are.

Let’s better think of how to bring a smile on a child face, how to tell a good word to our friend in need, how to show our loved ones a touch can heal, how to thank our moms they brought us here, how can we ease the day for that old lady staying in the corner with a bucket of flowers, or how to smell the nature while it breath us life. People can live with little but yet they are looking for too many things… And sadder is they know what feeds them is not looking for the absolute, but that small gesture brought by the dear one when all its being is looking for the warm of a SOUL…

No one is perfect. I am not perfect. I am an human being, for heaven’s sake. And I want to live in a less perfect world, trying to make my live worth leaving.

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