Friday, March 21, 2008

an old idea of business... is it so, i wonder?....

It seems like memories overwhelm me these days.. :) So I am forced to tell you a few words about this concept i developed with my friends Oana (get a blog, fGs!!) and Alexa:
'In rush for presents' we translated in English... it sounds so stupid now, but even so it was meant to emphasize the idea that if you don't have time for presents, let somebody else do it for you :) I have to admit that my ex-colleagues had a very important infusion on the decision to roll this. Well, let's say that this is one of a few positive things that you might find in such a working place: people - some of them meant a lot to me and i have to thank for being there in difficult times. I might write sometimes about what it meant to me that period, in fact it was a long and complex(ed) one... Anyway, back to the subject. So, as the colleagues were so happy with our taste in choosing presents (yes, we celebrated a lot of birthdays there - about one per week!! too many people on the same roof i'd say :), we decided to take a next step in making it public. Have to say that it was received very well by the media, who presented it as a new and original business - thus we had the chance to appear in Timeout and on Euforia tv (don't know why we haven't the recorded show...)

this was the ad published in b24fun:

and here is the brochure :)

us back then

this is the picture we wanted so badly to be published near the article... well, guess we weren't that wanted :D

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irina said...

hello girl..thank you for reminding us we can do nice things was great...great memories..great nights...we did good things...nice things...we should try more..bla blah brought nice memories back ...